BBC Media Action report

BBC Media Action report cover

Clean, clear, concise reports are a great way to for any organisation to share what’s been going on.  BBC Media Action uses the power of media and the strength of the BBC brand to do some pretty amazing things. Their 17 offices around the world all get up to very different things, and all need to let key stakeholders know what they’ve been doing.

They approached us to help them develop a report template for the international offices to use. This had to adhere to their strict branding guidelines, while providing flexibility for each office to be reflected. We achieved this through a mix of text, strong photographs, data visualisation and engaging graphics.

BBC Media Action report inside

Let’s report it

When it’s time to report to the world about the incredible things your organisation has been up to, you should get in touch. We can help you through the entire process, from drawing up schedules, to creating the design, to having it printed.