Copleston Centre branding

Copleston Centre logoWe helped The Copleston Centre redo their branding. It is one of these unassuming places on a quiet street that does all sorts of amazing things, from yoga, to teaching children to cook, to art therapy. It’s a community centre that had a few years of phenomenal growth and was starting to reach the limits of what it could do within existing funding constraints.

When funding starts to be an issue, one solution is to start going for bigger funding pots. Looking serious is an important part of being taken seriously, and that’s where we came in with the branding.

Copleston Centre logoThey had a limited budget, so we worked together to prioritise certain elements. The logo definitely needed a rethink. Standard stationery items like business cards, comp slips, letterhead, etc were definitely needed. And a clear usage guide to help everybody know what to use for fonts, colours, logo placements, and all that good stuff.

They are very clear on the tone and values of the organisation, and why they exist, which was a great help. We helped develop a questionnaire for them to perform some internal research. That fed into part of our logo development process. We presented them back with a very distinct initial logo ideas that then got whittled down to what you seen on this page.

Unusually for this sort of organisation, there was nearly unanimous agreement over the final outcome. High praise, indeed!

After the logo was approved, we extrapolated from it the rest of the materials, including colours, fonts, stationery, e-mail signatures, window decals, popup banners, et cetera. They have been proudly using them ever since.

Branding is way more than just a logo

If you’re thinking that your branding could use a bit of a lift, get in touch. We are always happy to have a no-obligation chat how we could help lift the image of your organisation.