Appealing to the senses » The great things about print design

Let’s start with a disclaimer: I absolutely love print and designing for it. There are so many options and possibilities that make it my medium of choice. I just want to share with you some of the reasons why. 

The Creativity Club loves print designPrint is definitely not on the way out. Print is shifting. Print is becoming beautiful.

Not very long ago, the cheapest option to distribute information was to print up thousands of copies of your marketing materials and spread them as liberally as possible. Spray and pray. Thanks to the wonders of digital media, that’s no longer necessary. You can easily and cheaply target exactly the correct audience with exactly the correct message.

But there’s something missing. Scratch that: there’s a lot missing. There’s no touch. There’s no smell. Our most emotive senses are completely left out.

That’s where print and print design come back in. Print provides an experience that is physically impossible online. There are so many different types of paper and different types of finishes that every printed piece of work can have its own special feel.

If you need something thin and delicate, do it. If your project has to be rigid and rough, print design ensures that it can be.

And the smell… You know how your favourite magazine has its own unique smell when you first open it up? It’s not necessarily perfumed, but it’s something unique and memorable.

One of my most memorable magazine smells is the very early issues of Mac Addict magazine. It was something that loads of readers commented on. No other product on the market smelled like it. Turns out that the pages all went through a treatment of fabric softener. Genius!

And, of course, you’ve got the visual aspect. You know exactly how big the final product will be, and what it will look like.

Print is far from being on the way out. Print is on the way up to being a premium, luxury way of doing things. It can appeal to so many of our senses, which helps us remember the experience.

Take advantage of our huge experience and passion for print design to turn your ideas into multi-sensory experiences. Get in touch today for a free chat about the possibilities.