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The clear importance of mind reading

Is it true? Can I really read your mind?

Often times when I’m working with a client, it almost feels like we are reading each other’s minds. The brief might not be 100% fully formed, but when its intentions are clear, it’s a great starting place.

The parts of the brief that aren’t completely clear are a perfect platform for us to start a conversation together about what goals of the project are, and how we can help you obtain those.

As work progresses, more questions will come up, some from our side, some from your side. With both of us asking questions and both of us responding in a thoughtful manner makes such a big difference. It means that the process runs as smoothly as possible and that the final outcome is reached sooner and is perfectly refined.

A clear example

Last week were recently working on a couple of online banner advert for a long-term client. The brief was, well, brief. We asked a couple of initial questions to clarify which text was meant to go on both versions and which was meant to be unique.

Part-way through the design process, the client asked about different colours on the different versions. A brief conversation about why that might be important here later, and we provided a few ideas: one contrasting the original colour, one complementing the original colour, and one a minor variant on the original colour.

It’s these small, clear conversations throughout the entire process that mean we read your mind and help create your perfect design sooner and easier.

Why not drop us a message and find out what it’s like to have your mind read?